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Our cost-effective social media marketing and management services enable our clients to develop and grow their online presence across their social media platforms. 

We develop marketing strategies and create engaging content for implementation across our clients social networks. We make the process of growing an online community effortless and help to enhance the digital capability of our clients to achieve their full e-commerce potential while cultivating and maintaining relationships with its key audience. 

There are 3.7 Million social media users in Ireland and counting. Our social media management plans can be tailored to suit every budget. With all our management packages, we offer detailed feedback to keep you updated on the performance of your social media strategy.  

Prices from €395

Social Media Management

Where to Start? 

Looking to grow grow your business on social media? 

Book a free 20 minute consultation today with our MD Ciarán. We carry out our consultations in person or via Zoom.

Ciarán O'Toole

Managing Director

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