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Email Marketing is a cost effective means of Increasing your businesses sales and leads with a high level of return on investment. Email marketing enables your business to effectively promote your products and services aswell as being to communicate directly with your target audience. 


 At Strata our specialist team creates tailored email marketing plans to suit your business needs. We manage all of your email communications providing eye catching graphics and Visuals as well as incentivizing copy. Throughout the duration of your strategy, we will monitor and provide detailed feedback on the campaigns performance ensuring you are kept up to date.  

All of our marketing emails are optimized for every device. 

Prices from €poa

Email Marketing

Where to Start? 

Creating your email strategy starts with a consultation with our Managing Director Ciarán O’Toole.

Book a free 20 minute consultation today. We carry out our consultations in person or via Zoom.

Ciarán O'Toole

Managing Director

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